IMG_20141103_134740Hello, I am Ms. April C. Ogburn I was enrolled into the Leap Program by my Wonderful Mother.

I was very nervous about meeting new people. I was a junior at Northwest High School. I was very active while in school but, my shyness always held me back from participating in different programs.

When I first join Leap I did not know what exactly to expect. I quickly became comfortable with attending the meetings.

Mr. Richard was and still is one of the nicest persons. He really made me feel so important and valuable. I learn so much about myself.

The Leap Program encouraged me to challenge myself. I learn that if I believed in myself I could be a positive impact in my community.

Leap gave me the confidence to be anything I want to be. The Program open my eyes to look from the mountain top not to look up to the mountain.  The Leap Program provided me with a 500.00 scholarship which I am still today Honored to be the first graduate to receive.

When I graduated high school in May of 2010. I knew that if I wanted to accomplish many things in life I would have to continue my higher education. I
attended Lane College in Jackson Tennessee for two years and transferred to Tennessee State University and Graduated May 2014.

Leap I made my Leap in to my future and I Thank you Mr. Richard and all supporters.

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