Today’s youth are juggling taking responsibility for themselves and their households, earning good grades, and passing standardized tests, all while trying to figure out life and keep safe. LEAP Organization exists to help keep youth in Clarksville on track and looking forward to a prosperous future.

Since 2008, LEAP Organization has helped over 1,000 youth and individuals in our city to attain emotional wellness and economic independence by advancing self-awareness, educational achievement, and entrepreneurial success. Through youth development programs and support of small business owners and entrepreneurs, LEAP aspires to foster a society of emotionally healthy and financially independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities.

Our approach to youth development is intentional and pro-social, engaging youth in a manner that is productive and constructive. Youth are reaching milestones and successfully navigating life.

Our success is realized with the youth we serve and with the work we do with entrepreneurs. Our entrepreneur center has fostered the successful launch and development of businesses who are adding to the positive economic welfare of residents with jobs and investments. LEAP offers area small businesses an incubation space at LEAP Plaza to grow a business from concept to reality. LEAP Plaza also supports entrepreneurs with unique opportunities to connect with resources for education and networking.

Our Planting For the Future campaign will raise $2 million to achieve two important goals over the next five years: to serve more youth in order to deepen our investment and impact on their lives, making them self-confident and self-sustaining adults; and to create new and expanded opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs that will fortify our communities, positively impact our area’s economy.

We invite you to join us with a leadership investment in LEAP’s future to help make LEAP Plaza a permanent home and sustainable resource for Clarksville youth, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. As a benefactor, you will enable LEAP to implement a sustainable business model and social enterprise at LEAP Plaza that will support and engage Clarksville’s youth, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

LEAP ORG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donations may be tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed under the law. Please consult your tax specialist for advice regarding your individual situation.

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