I had to tell it!
This past week I encountered three people that had cancer, but are now cancer free! One person rode up to me and said “I tell it every chance I get!”Jesus healed a Leper, even though Jesus told him not to tell anyone, he had to tell it! Because he did there was a woman with an issue of blood for 12 years that probably heard it! Even though Jesus was in a crowd she pressed her way through and touched him and was made whole! Has God done something great in your life, tell it someone needs to hear!

I remember being in ICU with air around my heart and in so much pain! Then a Pastor in the city slipped in behind the curtains and laid his hands on my chest, all of sudden I felt the pressure leave! I told the doctors and they were amazed, they sent me back to x-ray and true enough it was gone. One of the doctor’s came to me that night and said “I have never read the bible before but now I will.”

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