kennyHello, my name is Kenny M.J. Corbin. I was enrolled into the wonderful LEAP Program in 2013 by my mother Marina Corbin after she received an application for LEAP from a friend. At first we had an interview with the kind social workers from the LEAP program and then I went to the weekly meeting of LEAP on Wednesdays every week. At the time I joined the LEAP program I was a sophomore at Kenwood High School. One reason I loved to join LEAP was because I love to meet new people and make new friends. At first I did not know what to expect from LEAP but as the weeks went by I got to know everyone and I bonded with everyone in my team. I also was able to volunteer which I enjoyed very much. In addition I attended many fun social programs where I volunteered for special causes and other important events. In addition, I was able to obtain a summer job through LEAP with Parks and Recreation in 2015 for which I was very grateful. The classes that I took at LEAP taught me so much to become successful in life. I took an etiquette class which taught me how to properly behave at a formal dinner. Also the class called “Jumpstart to Success” which was about career management. These classes were extremely helpful in molding me into a successful young adult. The most important things that came from LEAP are the stories of how people had messed up in their lives, for example Mr. Richard Garrett, and how he went to jail and then got out of jail and turned his life around and became a very successful man with a lovely family. In May 2015 I graduated from High School and I also enlisted into the U.S. Army. Right now I am on my way to Basic Training as I write this paragraph.

I also want to thank Ryan Unsell who helped so much by unselfishly providing rides to me and my sister Rebecca during the time I was in LEAP. Ryan is the LEAP van driver, among other things, but he went out of his way to provide rides to us so he also gets a big thank you from me.

I want to thank everyone at LEAP for helping me to make me a better person by everything that was taught me at LEAP.

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